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Dragon Tiger Casino Prizes Await at W88 Australia 

If you want to win big, you should definitely try playing Dragon Tiger Casino
at W88 Australia. 

For those who don’t know, Dragon Tiger is one of the best card games out there.

In the game, it’s fairly easy to start placing a bet.
The mechanics are so simple that any newcomer can slip in and start playing.
It’s a game with a distinctly Asian background
but has now made its way to Australia too.

We can guarantee that you’ll have fun playing Dragon Tiger Casino Online
especially at W88 Australia. 

What is W88 Australia? It’s only one of the finest online betting platforms
you can find anywhere in the world. 

Dragon Tiger Casino Prizes Await at W88 Australia 

Dragon Tiger Casino Prizes Await at W88 Australia

W88 is one of the places that always prides itself in providing
the best quality service.
People from all over Australia and abroad have come to appreciate it.
These longtime bettors will tell you how easy it is to use the platform. 

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Dragon Tiger Casino Game Mechanics 

If you’ve gotten this far,
you probably want to know more about
Dragon Tiger Casino Online.
It’s only natural, after all. 

The first thing you need to know is
that W88’s version isn’t too different from the classic variant.
W88 is always particular about keeping the original mechanics of classic games.
So if you’re already familiar with the classic game, you’ve got an advantage. 

This is how Dragon Tiger Casino at W88 works: 

Dragon Tiger Casino Game Mechanics 

Dragon Tiger Casino Game Mechanics

Basically the dealer deals out one card each for the Dragon and Tiger hands.
The winning hand will be determined by whichever one results in a higher value. 

Most of the time, people just bet on Dragon and Tiger.
But those aren’t the only options. One may also bet on Tie.
It means that you’re betting on Dragon and Tiger resulting in the same value. 

If the Tie bet wins, this will come out to eight times your bet.
It’s a far greater result than winning either Dragon or Tiger. 

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When playing Dragon Tiger, be sure to try out Dragon Tiger Live.
It’s the Live Casino variant that simulates live betting.

You can interact with live bettors from around the world. 

Dragon Tiger Casino Tips for Playing 

If you feel like starting your first Dragon Tiger Casino Game,
don’t let us stop you.
That said, there are a few useful tips we can still offer you. 

Always access W88 Australia via Official Links. 

Dragon Tiger Casino Tips for Playing 

Dragon Tiger Casino Tips for Playing

Pick a Dragon Table that is more suited for you.
For example,
if you’re a newbie bettor you want to get a hang of Dragon Tiger first.
You don’t want to deal with special or more complicated bets just yet. 

Do try Dragon Tiger Live. It’s an interesting way of playing the game. 

Take advantage of any current platform bonuses.
W88 has Welcome Bonuses that can multiply your initial deposit several times over. 

For more updates, follow our News page.

Enjoy Reaping Dragon Tiger Casino Rewards from W88 Australia 

Are you excited to play the Dragon Tiger Casino Game at W88 Australia?
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